How to Plan a Group Trip Using Your Coconut

Are you planning to travel with a group of friends to a fun and exciting destination? Or perhaps you're having a mini school reunion of some of your old college buddies and want to gather at a beach resort. It used to be that keeping track of the information for such a group trip could become quite a hassle. Where was that reservation number? Was it in an email message from Anne or John? Or did I write it down on a scrap of paper? Or did Joe leave it as a phone message? Here's our guide to planning a group travel event using Your Coconut to help organize all the information. Finally, a website to store and hold all the group travel details in one place, so you can concentrate on having fun on your trip, rather than searching through a sea of email messages.

Who's Coming?

The first question that needs to be answered is who will be going on this group trip. And how many people will there be? More people will mean more planning and organizing, and it will require earlier planning as well. You may be thinking of a trip with 100 people, or maybe only a handful of friends.

A bit of informal communication, perhaps via email, Facebook, phone, or in-person meetings should help get the ball rolling. You can kick around ideas on where you would like to go, if you haven't already decided. Will you be travelling from place to place? Or staying at a large hotel in a foreign city? Or maybe some seaside vacation rental houses, or an old chateau in the south of France? Or maybe even a cruise ship? The possibilities are endless.

You can also decide when to go, and how long the trip will be. Obviously you'll need to find a time when everyone is available. Keeping the itinerary flexible will allow people to join and leave as they need to if they can't commit to the whole time.

Money - That's What They Want

Of course it's difficult to plan a group trip without taking into account the money required. It seems like everyone wants money, from the airlines to the hotels, the museums and the adventure tours. And now might be a good time to decide on how the trip will be paid for. One brave soul can volunteer to make all the payments, with everyone else paying them back. Or perhaps it would be easier to have everyone pay for their own way as much as possible. Or perhaps each person can handle payments for a certain portion of the trip.

Planning Committee

For a larger group, it's probably a good idea to start dividing the planning work. You can ask for volunteers to help out. And then divide up the tasks, each of which could be handled by a person or by a few people (a committee). For example, one person could be in charge of finding lodging for the first few days, while another could plan the daytime activities.

Keeping Track of the Information for Your Group Travel

Your Coconut is a great central place to put all the information for your group trip. It will also act as a website for your group travel information. On Your Coconut you can put information relating to lodging, events and activities, flights, rental car information and more. If your other travellers are flying in from various points of origin, Your Coconut provides a convenient place where you can see all the attendees and their flight and travel information. This will make it easier to coordinate and figure out whether certain people need rides and others have extra room in their rental cars.

You can invite your fellow travelers to Your Coconut via email. You can invite everyone all at once, and each person will receive an email invitation from Your Coconut. They can then click a link in the email to view the information that's on the site. They don't even need to register for an account. You can choose whether the other attendees can contribute changes and additions, and/or invite others.

Time to Go!

Keep the information on Your Coconut up-to-date. It might be good to remind your companions to look at the information there and see if they have anything else to contribute. You can list out "Don't forget to bring" items in the "Misc Info" section. The Notes fields on events, lodging entries, flight information, etc. can be used to keep track of various pieces of information, for example links to other sites with more detailed information.

Make sure everyone has your contact information. It would be wonderful if nothing ever went wrong at the last minute, but from airline delays to hurricanes to volcanoes erupting in Iceland, you never know what might pop up to try and spoil all your plans.


And of course, don't forget to enjoy your trip! Take lots of pictures. Your Coconut now lets you upload your pictures! All your invitees can contribute their photos and view what other people in the group have uploaded.

And we'd love to hear your thoughts on Your Coconut. Please let us know how well the site worked for your travels. Everyone can leave feedback using the feedback fields at the bottom of each page. Any comments, questions, or suggestions? We'd love to hear them.

Now, you can click here to get started. Bon voyage!